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No additional online orders will be processed.  A limited number of Colonel and Captain seats will be available at the door.  

COLONEL - VIP Admission, includes complimentary valet parking - GATE 14.  Rows 1 & 2.  $450 each.

CAPTAIN - Rows 3 & 4.  $325 each.  Discounted rate at $300 each for purchase of 6 or more seats in a single order.

We are sold out of LIEUTENANT (back row).  

Seating assignments to be held at the door.  Dinner will not be provided and the Show will conclude by 8:15 PM.  No orders will be accepted without payment.  NO refunds will be made once orders are placed.  

Please include your guest(s) names.  Note: the purchaser's name will be used as the Group Contact when you check in on October 13.  

Amount of purchase it excess of the value of goods and services provided ($100 per seat) is tax-deductible.  For further information, please call the Woman's Board office at 312-942-6513.

*Valet price is $23 for seats other than Colonel - GATE 14.  Self park is offered in the Waldron Deck for $19.00.

** Limited seating available in each tier.  We appreciate your understanding.

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